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Anthony Chen

Founder and Digital Marketing Lead at ChildCareClicks

Anthony Chen is no stranger to the fast-paced world of digital marketing. As the Founder and Digital Marketing Lead at ChildCareClicks, Anthony has been a cornerstone in establishing the company’s dominance in serving daycares and Montessoris with top-notch digital marketing services.


Anthony is gearing up for his next big milestone—helping 1,000 child care businesses triple their growth within a 90-day timeframe.


A PPC maestro, Anthony brings to the table an unrivaled understanding of cost-effective advertising that not only boosts visibility but ensures ROI. With an approach grounded in data analytics, he specializes in crafting campaigns that resonate with specific audiences, ensuring every advertising dollar is well spent.


Anthony has continuously elevated the standards of PPC advertising within the child care industry, offering customized solutions that focus on high returns and meaningful engagement.

Unique Approach

What sets Anthony apart is his hands-on, personalized approach to each project. He believes that every client is unique, and he leverages his expertise in PPC to create tailored strategies that align perfectly with their business goals.

Passion and Mission

Fuelled by a deep-seated passion for digital marketing, Anthony’s mission is straightforward but ambitious—to revolutionize the way child care businesses think about growth and customer acquisition.

Relevant Education/Training

Anthony holds a degree in Digital Enterprise Management and a Master’s degree from the prestigious University of Toronto. He has been a certified Google Search and Analytics expert for a decade, lending credence to his already impressive portfolio.

Current Endeavors

Currently, Anthony is laser-focused on his mission to help 1,000 child care businesses skyrocket their growth in just 90 days, changing the landscape of child care marketing for years to come.


When he’s not knee-deep in analytics and ad campaigns, Anthony enjoys diving into the latest digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that ChildCareClicks always offers the most cutting-edge solutions in the market.